MAN TGX 18.680 and Schmitz SK.O Pack

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MAN TGX 18.680 and Schmitz SK.O Pack

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<b><p align="center">MAN TGX 18.680 by Alex' (Rostwell)
-Base model by Danz
-Kelsa MultyBar by Danz
-Kelsa SideBar by Omogen
-Headlight real textures from MAN TGX by Danz
-Exhaus with catalizator by the_godfather2007
-Wheels by Ols thanks no music no life for info.

Schmitz S.KO
-Base Model by dafxfiskren
-Wheels by Ventures87
-Others textures from Kennis trailer by Roli

Softwares used:

-Zmodeler 2.1.1 Build 946
-MS Paint
-Adobe PhotoShop CS 3
-Hex WorkShop and Hex Neo

[ Thanks: Danz,Omogen,the_godfather2007,dafxfiskren,Ventures87,Roli. ]

Watch the MAN TGX 18.680 and Schmitz SK.O is under -Copyright Romania- (</p></b>
<p align="center"><b>Download - Click</b> </p>

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