Cum sa ruleze tirul cu 170 km/h

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Cum sa ruleze tirul cu 170 km/h Empty Cum sa ruleze tirul cu 170 km/h

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Start the game and select new game

Choose the vehicle Volvo valiant C Class which is around $96000

Drive the vehicle and save and quit the game

Click Start and Click My documents folder and search for euro truck simulator folder

Enter into the folder and you will find save folder

in the save folder there will be folders like 1, 2, 3, auto- save etc........

Choose the latest folder that is 1 and double click it

you will find a file called game

Right click and select open with and choose select programs and choose notepad to open this file

press Control + F key in your keyboard and type rpm_ and press enter

above this you will find vehicle_engine_accessory : _nameless.0984.5F50 {
torque: 200

Change this torque value with 500

Below this

you will find vehicle_transmission_accessory : _nameless.0447.48B0 {

differential_ratio: &404ccccd
rpm_limit: 5000

Change the rpm_limit value of 5000 with 9000

vehicle_brakes_accessory : _nameless.0984.7140 {
torque: 3000

Change this torque value of 3000 with 5000

Save and Exit from notepad

You are done with great speed and control

Don't upgrade power or change the vehicle. Try if it works by upgrading only balance

Always keep the maximum speed to 95 kmph and use top speeds only for a short interval of time for overtaking vehicles else you will end up with speed offences which will value to your trip earnings.

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